Delray Vacuum & Sewing Center
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Delray Vacuum has been serving Palm Beach County for 20 Years including Police & Fire Departments as well as Hotels and Restaurants.  Let us help you get the Highest Quality Products into your Home or Office at the most competitive price.

We Specialize in Micro Lined Vacuum Bags  For the Health Orientated Consumer, our Vacuum Line consists of:

Parts , Notions, Mini Vacs 

Sewing Center
We have been selling Parts & Notions of all kinds for 20 Years
Needles      Bobbin     Cases     Gears     Hooks     Bobbins    Oil    Thread     Spool Pins
Motors     Spray Adhesives     Instruction Books   etc...
We also Service Most all Sewing Machines!
New and Used Sewing Machines on Request.
At Delray Vacuum & Sewing Center we have been servicing Sewing Machines and selling Parts and Accessories for 20 Years.  We can help you find Parts whether it's Gears, Needles,Bobbins,Hooks, Instruction Manuals, Oil, Thread and more!
Call Us Today for Results Tomorrow!

Delray Vacuum & Sewing Center
495 NE 4th Street
Delray Beach, FL  33483
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