Question: Is the gel approved by the FDA?

The gel is registered with the FDA and the Health Protection Branch (HPB) in Canada.
It is on their GRAS (generally regarded as safe) list, which means their are no harmful   ingredients contained.

Question: Why can't you claim permanent pain relief for arthritis, fibromyalgia, phantom pain, etc., when the gel does exactly that?

Answer: The government dictates the wording on the labels to protect the public from bogus products.

Question: What is your market?

Answer: The gel is designed for people who have tried everything, including their doctor, and have failed to conquer their pain.  Fifty million people fit into the chronic pain category.

Question: How is this gel different?

Answer: This gel is unique in the fact that it will work, when all other methods fail.

Question: Where is it manufactured?

Answer: CM SYSTEMS 2 is being distributed in the U.S.A. It is manufactured in Florida.

Question: Many therapists ask , why is your gel different than Biofreeze, Mineral Ice, etc..?

Answer: Because of the proprietary way the ingredients are mixed, CM SYSTEMS 2 will not burn if it is left on with a heating pad. This is contrary to all other pain relief gels.

It is registered with the FDA in the U.S. The applications with the HPB in Canada are being processed. The bi-lingual label is complete, awaiting the HPB DIN number.

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